It is a Compostable highly transparent, rigid, flexible film with excellent seal-ability and bright with good tensile strength, suitable for all kinds of packaging machines, as L sealers, side sealers, chamber, flow-packers with heat shrink tunnels.

Vincentius-POF film well works to the most important packaging machine producers as Italdibipack S.p.A, Hugo Beck Maschinenbau GmbH, Minipack Torre S.p.A., Robopack S.p.A.,Beck packautomaten GmbH, Pactur S.r.l, Smipack S.p.A, BVM Brunner GmbH & Co. KG, AVC sealing solutions BV, BELCA S.A., Kota Pack Turkey, ULMA packaging s.r.l., Cavanna S.p.A. , IFP Packaging, Imanpack s.r.l. , PFI pack food international and so on…

The film has different thickness from 12 microns up to 60 microns, more thin, more transparent.

This film is Industrial compost certified under the rules of SIST EN 13432:2001 and SIST EN 14995:2007 and certify for direct food contact, it can be use for frozen food as well.

The film has to be thrown into the organic waste bin to be treated in the composting sites, to activate the biodegradation and composting process, with a certain life circle.

It can also be produced for Home Compostability with the usage of an unique master-batch to accelerate the speed of compostability in Home conditions.

Vincentius is available in Single wound (SW) and also Central folded (CF)

A world unique innovation!