Vincentius Super Power to replace plastic PE

Is a Home Compost certified film, produced with a raw material, that decomposes into water and carbon dioxide with the microorganism under the soil.

This film has excellent technical characteristics: It has a gas barrier, very good flexibility, (looks like PE film), has good rigidity for a high speed packaging machine, it is well compatible with a fiber, excellent seal-ability, high puncture resistance, good flexibility and tensile strength and it’s also shrinkable.

Application: Fruit and vegetable packaging, toys, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and all the packaging to replace Polyethylene film.

This film is used in flow-pack – vertical packaging, Shrink tunnels machines and can be used to the traditional ones.

Thickness from 12 microns, up to 120 microns.

This film is Home compostable certified under the rules of SIST EN 13432:2001 and SIST EN 14995:2007, BioBase and for food contact.

The film can be thrown in the home organic site, using special greenhouses that make use of the biogas emitted to use it in the bbq, the liquids for excellent fertilizer for flowers and the solid as soil for planting flowers, plants and vegetables, without the usage of chemicals.

The film can be, also, thrown into the organic waste bin to be treated in the composting sites, to activate the biodegradation and composting process, with a certain life circle.