Vincentius Bio Compstable films for packaging.

With an innovative production facility, built by the founder Luca Di Mucci, we produce biodegradable, compostable, water solubles films and bags for food and non-food industries, certified SIST EN 13432:2001 and SIST EN 14995:2007

Our raw materials do not release harmful gases during production and therefore non-polluting with, almost zero, environmental impact, with an end of life and closing loop!

Factories that will switch their ordinary plastics in Compostable films, will help the planet reduce greenhouse gas (for global overall heating) and post consumer waste (pollution of the whole globe).

Vincentius is our brand of a range of compostable films which can replace traditional plastics in different packaging applications, such as POF shrinkable film , BOPP film, CPP film, PE film and PP film, with the unique applications advantage of biodegradation and compostastability.

Vincentius product range offers a variety of different films with different flexibility and transparency, from low transparency to high transparency (Comparable to the standard plastic).

Focused on reducing the rate of plastic pollution and CO₂ emissions…

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