Our Filosofy

The market demand for environmentally friendly packaging foil is constantly growing. The latter is mainly the result of the growing general awareness of people about the problems of pollution, CO₂ emissions and, consequently, global warming of the planet Earth.

We can find solutions to your problems …

Thanks to our high knowledge of biopolymers and extrusion technologies, we know how to produce 100% biodegradable foils with extremely small thicknesses.

Composting means that the raw materials disappear into the environment by becoming soil or natural fertilizer for the fields (over a period of three or nine months, depending on the thickness).

We want to provide new generations with a cleaner living environment.

We are constantly studying and developing new materials with innovative technologies.

We are developing special products that look like plastic, can be used as plastic, are shrinkable and can be used in existing packaging machines, and have even better properties than plastic!

All this with an important difference: the products are completely composted!

Your contribution to the use of our products can replace approximately 40 million tons of contaminating plastic films with fully composted films!

The goal is to contribute to a future in which plastics will be completely replaced by environmentally friendly products!