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Biodegradable & Compostable films for packaging.

Can you imagine bio-compostable films with better performances than plastic ones? Either if you are thinking “yes” or “no”, the real answer is “Vincentius”.

Vincentius, biobased, biodegradable and compostable  films for packaging, are produced with compost certified biopolymers with innovative production facility to produce biodegradable and compostable films and bags for food and non-food industries.


Awarded as the best packaging innovators of the 2021.

We are an innovative company owned from the third generations of plastic films producers committed to the development of innovative solutions, to replace plastic with compostable films (plastic free) for automatic packaging machines. Di Mucci is the first world producer of transparent low-
thickness shrinkable film awarded as the best packaging innovation in 2021.

Focused on reducing the rate of plastic pollution and CO₂ emissions, our packaging films are produced with nature source; During the production not release harmful gases and therefore non-polluting, with almost zero environmental impact, with an end of life and closing loop!

The idea of the founder Luca Di Mucci, was born in 2010, and with various studies, in collaboration with institutes, universities and with the help of engineers and scientists, after years of R&D we were able to find the right formulation to produce high-strength films with even better characteristics than plastic, with the usage of biodegradable and compostable raw materials.

Companies that will switch they ordinary plastics with biodegradable and compostable films, will start to achieve a new packaging era, eco-sustainable, combine with the principal goal of the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) to driving up the transition away from fossil fuel-based materials with bio-base materials for the packaging industry, this means replacing petrochemical plastics’ with a bio-base material to reducing green house gas (for the global overall heating) and reduce drastically the post consumer waste (pollution of the whole globe).

Vincentius films can be recycled, bio-compostable or incinerated without damaging the environment. With a sure end of life and closing-loop. The best solution for who, like us, believe in a more eco-sustainable and clean planet.

Our biodegradable and compostable films are used for food and non-food packaging and cover a wide range of packaging application and are compatible with existing packaging machines.

Vincentius-POF compostable shrinkable film, to replace the little recyclable POF polyolefin shrinkable film)

Vincentius-BOVI Bi-oriented compostable film to replace the plastic CPP and BOPP film)

Vincentius-SupePower (Home compostable film to replace LDPE packaging films).

In many case our biocompostable-film it has a better characteristics than plastic!

Di Mucci d.o.o. is located in the center of Europe, in Slovenia, Izola city, at the coast, a strategic position for exports to the European countries thank’s to the port of Koper, (one of the main European ports), to the rest of the world. Located at 10 km from the Italian border (Trieste city).

Our awareness of polluting the waters, the air and bringing irreparable damage to ecology and nature must also give us the awareness that if we do not preserve our sources of life we ​​do not preserve ourselves and the future of the new generations! Cit. Luca Di Mucci